The Arts Society Northamptonshire

Young Arts

The Art Society aims to introduce people to all aspects of the arts, developing their skills and a love of the arts which can last a lifetime thus enriching their lives.

To date we have achieved many successful and diverse projects encompassing all age groups.

Northgate School Art Mural

We provided financial support to the Northgate School Academy Trust for the creation of a mural as part of the pupils return to school full time following the Covid lockdown periods. They wanted something which would reflect their experiences, feelings and emotions through the lockdown period in a way that was both a positive reflection of the outcome and a more permanent reminder of what they had come through.

Northgate School Art Mural

The pupils identified to lead the project had already been considered as possible GCSE Art candidates and this was set in a project style as a practice piece for the qualification. They started by talking to groups of pupils either in their class bases or via the Pupil Voice group and encouraged them to come up with words to describe how they had felt and how returning to school was making them feel. They also asked pupils to think of colours and shapes that reflected their emotions across the period. They looked at the commonly occurring words and emotions that they had noted with the pupils to see if there was a theme.

One of the pupils, a very talented young man, then drew some designs that he felt embodied what had been said and used the colour palette suggested by the pupils. The drawings were shared with each class as they attended art lessons and they had a chance to say what they liked from different ideas. This information then informed the final drawing.

Other Past Projects

We invited 30 Year 5 pupils (age 9/10) from the Queen Eleanor Primary Academy to attend an Art Workshop in the Coach House of Delapre Abbey. It was led by two local professional artists, Gerald Porter and Sue Hall. The day was structured to include sketching, mono printing and instruction on and use of pastels. Pupils also gained a considerable insight into architectural detail and period decoration as well as historical background.

We funded a competition for 2nd year graphic students from the Art School at the University of Northampton. The brief was to design a poster to promote our Society's new name and logo and hopefully increase our membership. The distinctive winning poster was designed by Dayana Deleva and the project was reported in the Arts Society's Magazine.

A beautiful mural, like a stained glass window, was painted on a blank wall in the much used hall of Hackleton Primary School. All 209 pupils were involved in designing hot air balloons depicting the school's core values. Seven were chosen for the mural which was completed with a border of pupils' hand prints.

A large cross made of clay tiles was designed by pupils of St. James Primary School in Northampton and erected in the School's refurbished Reflection Garden.

A 3m x 3m backdrop to a table in the Assembly Hall of Weston Favell C of E Primary School. 120 children were involved in making this art masterpiece, combining design, painting and the use of fabrics.

We provided 'easy use' cameras for pupils with learning difficulties at Billing Brook School. We were delighted to discover that some of the photos won prizes in a competition.

Should any member like to suggest a project for consideration in the future please contact us.