The Arts Society Northamptonshire

Heritage Volunteers

The principal aim of The Arts Society Heritage Volunteers is to help the conservation and preservation of our national artistic heritage for the benefit of the public. Our heritage encompasses a vast number of historic houses, gardens and artefacts, and our organisation can make specific contribution to these areas.

As such, volunteers work in two main areas; firstly the care of collections and secondly knowledge and access to these collections. Collections can include paintings, books, manuscripts, papers, maps, armour, weaponry, textiles, photographs – and many others. Providing access to such collections can include basic documentation of these collections, historical research, informative and educational guiding, stewarding, and research and recording historic gardens.

Each area of work has its own specialist in The Arts Society who work alongside volunteers, and whose knowledge is essential to give initial training to volunteers, and after that further yearly training as necessary – and they are very necessary in emergencies such as mould on a library internal wall!

The Arts Society Northamptonshire has given generously of time and effort at the Northampton Museum, the Northampton Record Office, Doctor Marten’s archives, country house libraries and acting as guides and room stewards at Northampton estates and or houses.

If you would like to know about the Heritage Volunteers and their work please get in touch via our contact page.